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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the size of the bracelets be adjusted?

Each magnetic or energy bracelet can be adapted to the size of your wrist for
for more aesthetics, comfort and efficiency.
see photo n° 1

Energy bracelet with Germanium:
you can shorten it with your fingers.
see picture 2 Or you can have the bracelets shortened at the watchmaker's - except for the natural stone energy bracelets the size is given.


Can I sleep or bathe with energy jewellery?

Yes, as you prefer you can sleep with or without it. The magnetic or energy bracelet and natural stones always work in contact with the skin. Stainless steel, titanium, ceramic and copper are more resistant materials. You can wear them all the time, even in the shower, but be careful not to put them in contact with aggressive products.

What should I base my choice of jewellery on?

Choosing a natural stone bracelet is not only about energy and spirituality. It is important to choose a gem that you like and that suits your personal preferences, regardless of the meaning of each stone. For example, if you like bright colours that carry positive energy, you can choose a bracelet made of agate or lapis lazuli stones. If you prefer sobriety, turn to dark colours, such as onyx or lava stone (black), or howlite (white). You can also, if you wish, play on the colours and benefits of each stone, by wearing an assortment of several bracelets and natural stones, or even a bracelet made with several different stones. This will help you to benefit from the combined positive energies of each mineral.

When choosing your magnetic bracelet, remember that it is also a piece of jewellery, so it must please you and make you happy!

Magnetic bracelets with several elements, namely Neodymium magnets, far infrared, negative ions and germanium seem to be more complete to act on pain, stress, improve sleep and sports recovery.

Copper bracelets combine the benefits of powerful magnets with the antioxidant and antibacterial properties of copper.

The material of your magnetic bracelet is another important factor.

There are bracelets for men, women or unisex, in a wide variety of colours, shapes and materials.


How to care for your energy bracelet or jewellery?

Magnetic bracelets do not require any special maintenance. The magnets continue to work on the body and mind as soon as they come into contact with the skin.

To recharge your energy bracelet, (made of natural stones) There are several methods to recharge the stones. The most commonly used is:

Recharging with light:
Light is a universal natural energy whether it comes from the sun or the moon.
It is advisable to place the stone in the light of one of these two stars to recharge it.
The sun will have a faster effect, 1 to 2 hours (or even half a day) will be enough as a rule, while for the moon it will be necessary to leave it overnight.

To purify your energetic bracelet (made of natural stones) you can put it under the tap for several minutes or leave it to soak in a bowl of water. You can also put it in contact with the earth for several hours and let nature do its work.


Can I combine different energy jewellery together? Hola

You can wear as many energy bracelets as you wish on your wrist. In any case, we advise you not to wear more than 3 different stones at the same time (both wrists together) as the combinations of stones must not be excessive to be beneficial.

You can also wear several magnetic bracelets with different magnets.
To take advantage of all the benefits of the magnetic bracelet, nothing could be simpler, just wear it on your wrist for as long as you wish.

The energy necklaces can be worn together with all magnetic or energy bracelets.


How does energy jewellery work? Hola

How does the magnetic bracelet work?

When in contact with the skin, this magnetic bracelet releases positive energy waves and stimulates the body through the magnetic field of the magnets. The magnets of a magnetic bracelet create magnetic fields that strengthen the electrical polarisation of the cell membranes, which stimulates their function and increases the repairing effects for the joints tenfold.

This explains the beneficial effect of magnetic bracelets on osteoarthritis of the wrist, for example.

However, the action of the magnetic bracelet is essentially carried out through the bloodstream, which allows the energetic elements to exert their benefits regardless of the arm on which the anti-pain and anti-stress bracelet is placed.

The magnets in magnetic bracelets lose only 1% of their power every 10 years. After 10 years, your bracelet will have 99% of its original effectiveness. After 100 years, it will still have 90.44%. So they do not need to be recharged.

In addition, the magnetism of the bracelet increases the local blood flow and the permeability of the vessels. This means that the cells in the wrist and hand are better supplied with oxygen, vitamins and minerals and are better able to eliminate their waste products.

The effect of magnets has not been tested in pregnant women.
As a precaution, we recommend that pregnant women avoid wearing magnetic bracelets.

In other words, the magnetic bracelet acts directly on the body and mind.

How does the energy bracelet (made of natural stone) work?​​​​​​​

Each stone, depending on its characteristics, is therefore endowed with its own energy, capable of bringing vitality, well-being, peace, wealth, love, ....

For example, black coloured stones are traditionally associated with the earth, and therefore with the material things of our existence.

Natural red and orange stones are related to the first chakras, which regulate the energy flow in the body, and therefore provide energy and vitality.

The blue/purple stones relate to emotions and intuitions. The green natural stones influence the relational and emotional capacities of each individual.

But all of them, besides their colour, also offer specific benefits according to their composition. It is important to look into this in order to know which stone is best suited to one's emotional needs, desires or astrological sign.

What are the benefits of magnets? Hola

Magnets are the positive benefit for the body on magnetic bracelets:


When cells are diseased, there is a degenerative process in the body, a chronic inflammation. The problem is always with oxygen, hydrogen and water. Free radicals multiply, which tends to destroy cells and tissues.
In order to restore the normal function of the tissues, it is necessary to increase the supply of oxygen and thus increase the fight against free radicals.

Negative ion:
Negative ions are in the air we breathe, as well as in our bodies. They neutralise free radicals, support cellular metabolism and improve the immune system. In addition to cleansing the blood, they maintain the balance of the autonomic nervous system, protecting the body and brain from harmful electromagnetic fields.

Infrared IRL:
Infrared radiation is not visible, but it is found in all bodies and we perceive it as heat, the largest source being the sun. This radiation penetrates
into the nucleus of cells and helps them to regenerate. It supports the blood circulation and has a beneficial effect on the production of white blood cells.

Neodymium magnet:
The magnet has a positive effect on the musculoskeletal system and on the skin. The magnetic field causes the following: vasodilation (dilation of blood vessels), analgesic action (pain relief), anti-inflammatory action, muscle relaxation, accelerated healing (bones, muscles, ligaments and skin), anti-edema action (reduction of swelling).


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