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Energy products




About us

The happy life in well-being 

brings us balancein all

areas of life.




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We focus on the happy life of our customers.
We have created this website BoBonCool 
It is an online shop for high-quality

Energy Jewellery for your 
The Grand Est region of Moselle 
in France. 

We have Jewellry and bracelets for you, and other energy products that will bring you well-being,
help to improve your condition,

energy balance of your body and reduce

 stress or daily pains.

A happy life for our customers is the main thing we want to achieve. 
Our customers benefit from a selection of first-class products since 2015.




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15 Rue Saint-Laurent,

57350 Spicheren,  France


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Collier énergétique - Pendentif Q-006
Bracelet énergétique décoratif BBC020
Médaillon Tesla "Fleur de Vie"
Élégant bracelet énergétique BBC016 Or
Disque Lakhovsky
Bracelet en Oeil de Tigre et pierres 7 Chakras BBC-P 018-3
Disque Cymatique 528 Hz guérison _ Best-seller​​​​​​​
Bracelet énergétique en forme de Coeur BBC015
Disque Tore Vortex 3D
Bracelet énergétique forme de Coeur BBC018
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